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Here you will find information about my hobby.

 Impulse turbine  (In norwegian, .PDF, 0,6MB)
Toolpost for Cross-slide (.PDF)
Emco Unimat Spindle as Dividing Head (.PDF, 0,2MB)
Dividing Head with MT 2 spindle (.PDF, 0,2MB)


Dividing Head with MT3 Screwless Vise  (.PDF)
Quick Change Toolpost for Compact 8 (.PDF)

A small Tangential Tool-holder (.PDF)
Making E-16 Collets (.PDF)
End-Mill holder for Carbide Inserts (.PDF, 0,1MB)
 Die-holder and Tap Guide to fit tailstock (.PDF)
Caliper Type Knurl Tool (.PDF, 0,2MB)
Grinding Jig with jig for 4 facet drill grinding (.PDF, 1 MB)
  A simple Tool Post grinder (.PDF)

A simple Tool & Cutter Grinder (.PDF)

Boring Head ( .PDF)

 Spider for Lathe Chuck   ( .PDF, 82KB)

Cylindrical Squares (.PDF, 100KB)

Angleplates (.PDF)

Angleplates (.PDF)     V-blocks ( .PDF, 173KB)

Pillar Tool ( .PDF, 283KB)
Finger Plate (PDF)

A small Lantern Chuck (.PDF)

Making Gear Cutters with 4 Cutting Edges (PDF, 160KB)

Building a Sine Table (.PDF, 243kB)

Building a 120mm Rotary Table (.PDF, 460KB)

Building the Popular science Power Hacksaw (.PDF, 328kB)

Simple Quickchange Toolpost for HBM290 (.PDF, 230KB)

Making Toolholders for Sieg type QCTP (.PDF, 240KB)

Large Fixed Steady for HBM290 (.PDF, 200KB)

Headstock Dividing Attachment for Emco Compact 8 ( .PDF, 137KB)
Keyway Cutter for Emco Compact 8 ( .PDF, 179KB)

 Depth Stop for Emco Compact 8  ( .PDF, 160KB)

Topslide with long travel for C8 (PDF, 191KB)

ER 32 chuck for Compact 8 (PDF,  140 KB)

Making a ER 16 Collet Tray (PDF)


Simple boiler from a Pressure Cooker (3.7MB, pdf)

A simple Gasket Punch (.PDF, 0.5MB)

Building a Single-acting Wobbler (6MB, .PDF)

Building a double-acting Vertical Wobbler (293KB, .pdf)

Building a V-twin Steam Engine (345KB, .pdf)

Building a Walking Beam Engine (0.7MB, .pdf)

Building a Vertical Steam Engine (with slide valve, 1.2MB, .pdf)

Slidevalve Engine with fabricated steel Cylinder (.pdf)

2-Cylinder Slidevalve engine (1.2MB, .pdf)

Mill type Engine (.pdf)

Tangential Impulse Turbine (.PDF)



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